Monday, March 15, 2010

Eight points How to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is still a terrible scourge for women. Imagine, in the United States alone, the possibility of women affected by this deadly disease of 1:9. Genes and age is still a major factor that haunt. Yet there are several ways that can be done to reduce the risk of this disease.

1. Weight Watch

If you want to protect the breast, pay careful attention to your body weight. Overweight or obese can increase the risk of breast cancer, especially if the weight loss increases after menopause. Based on the study, women who are obese after menopause, breast cancer risk by 50 percent. Women who store fat around the waist also have a higher risk than those who kept it in the hips or thighs.

2. Exercise

Start exercising! This way still be an effective way for preventing diseases. Based on the study, women who exercise regularly as likely to get breast cancer less than 20 percent less. Still not too much. Make sure your heart rate does not increase sharply.

3. Avoid Alcohol

Live without alcohol because it enlarged the possibility of someone suffering from breast cancer. The more you consume, the greater the risk. Those in the mid-level or not too addicted, the possibility of breast cancer by 35 percent. While heavy addicts doubled the risk.

4. Avoid hormone therapy

Hormones Replacement Therapy (HRT) or hormone therapy in relation to the cause of breast cancer can be compared with severe obesity or alcohol addicts. Research Woman `s Health Initiative showed that combined use of female hormones estrogen and progesterone in five years the risk is 28 percent higher breast cancer.

5. Soybean Consumption

Women who consume soy regularly, not only in the form of supplements, can reduce the risk of breast cancer. This was demonstrated in a study, as many as 73 thousand Chinese women who eat lots of soy may reduce breast cancer risk by 60 percent compared to the bit.

6. Do not Forget the Vegetables and Fruits

Eat always vegetables and fruits. Recent research found women who had been diagnosed and were undergoing breast cancer treatment, new tumor growth could be reduced due to eating more fruits and vegetables.

7. Drink Green Tea

Many years of research conducted on the effects of coffee and tea on breast cancer. Recent studies of more than 2,000 Chinese women showed that breast cancer can be reduced by drinking green tea. Other studies found coffee can reduce the risk of premenopausal at 40 percent by drinking four cups a day.

8. Stop Smoking

Your active smoker? So stop. Also avoid exposure to secondhand smoke. Indeed, until now researchers have not found an association between breast cancer and smoking. But the latest research from the California Environmental Protection Agency found 20 percent risk of breast cancer for active smokers. While second-hand smoke by 70 percent.